Remember the time I won a poetry contest?

It's 3:11 in the morning. I'm wide awake, my wife is, uh... not snoring-- because she doesn't snore--, and I can't help but have the same thought everyone has at this hour: "Remember the feeling of visiting a city for the first time?" Everyone has that thought at three in the morning-- right? Joe Mollica … Continue reading Remember the time I won a poetry contest?

Hanoi Round 1: No sleep ’til Mai Dich

2017-Mar-09 01:30 ICT | Mai Dich, Hanoi, VN Ah! Hello, Southeast Asia! A rush of humid air rose to meet us as we moved down the skywalk towards the terminal. It was late at night (early in the morning?) and humidity had dropped to what I assume was a reasonable 400%. Noi Bai International Airport … Continue reading Hanoi Round 1: No sleep ’til Mai Dich

Hanoi Round 1: The Flight

2017-Mar-08, 10:00 CST, Somewhere over Guangzhou, China Twenty-two hours of flying is for the birds! I'm greasy, I think I stink, and both of us are bloated from cabin pressurization and lack of bowel movements. </griping> We just left our first decent layover in Tokyo. Being the busiest international airport in Japan I expected Narita … Continue reading Hanoi Round 1: The Flight

No plan survives first contact…

Operation Random City is on! After a white knuckle overnight Odyssey, full of gale force winds and swaying tractor-trailers, we pulled safely into the parking lot at Hyatt Place Nashville Airport. Though windy and dark, I-81's isolation from civilization lent us a beautiful view of the stars and an almost story book view of sleeping … Continue reading No plan survives first contact…

Thanksgiving Road Trip!

Hey, everyone! Quynh and I are readying up the wagons for a Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Nashville, TN in search of warmer weather and sights unseen. What's in Nashville, you wonder? I haven't a clue.  Things I know about Nashville: Nashville hot chicken sandwiches? Dukes of Hazzard Museum (Though it took place in Georgia and filmed … Continue reading Thanksgiving Road Trip!

Hà Nội Round Two: Day 1

Quỳnh and I returned to Hà Nội for Tết 2019. Visiting for Tết, as I would come to learn, is completely different from visiting any other time of year. Businesses close for the week, streets are empty (because the businesses are closed), and every sign and advertisement is wishing you "Chúc mừng năm mới!" Ngày … Continue reading Hà Nội Round Two: Day 1