If you are what you eat, I am everything.

Good evening, all! Do you know what's nice about Black Friday? Stores and restaurants are actually open! After a quick hotel breakfast, we made way to Bicentennial Park near the State Capitol Building. The park's carillon played the Tennessee Waltz; peacefully carrying across the plaza to all passers-by. I really enjoyed the sense of pride … Continue reading If you are what you eat, I am everything.

Thanksgiving Road Trip!

Hey, everyone! Quynh and I are readying up the wagons for a Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Nashville, TN in search of warmer weather and sights unseen. What's in Nashville, you wonder? I haven't a clue.  Things I know about Nashville: Nashville hot chicken sandwiches? Dukes of Hazzard Museum (Though it took place in Georgia and filmed … Continue reading Thanksgiving Road Trip!