Hanoi Round 1: The Flight

2017-Mar-08, 10:00 CST, Somewhere over Guangzhou, China

Twenty-two hours of flying is for the birds! I’m greasy, I think I stink, and both of us are bloated from cabin pressurization and lack of bowel movements. </griping> We just left our first decent layover in Tokyo. Being the busiest international airport in Japan I expected Narita to be a fusion of JFK and Chicago-O’Hare; instead I was witness to very calm and organized foot traffic, no real commotion, and calm last-calls for late passengers in several languages from the PA system. Ultimately Japanese in execution.

I’ve discovered and used my first bidet here in Narita. This thing is WONDERFUL! Heated seat? Check. Deodorizing fan? Check. Water pressure & temperature adjustment? Check. Are you a lady and don’t want people to hear you using the loo? There’s a setting to make rushing water sounds to cover it up. What a time to be alive!

A warning sign depicts how to properly use a bidet.
Someone had to make this sign for that fella in the middle.

We found a really good food joint in the airport… “Miso… something, something” [edit: Could very well be Blue Sky Miso Kitchen]. After many meals of ramen and takoyaki stateside at Ki No Spoon (Rockville,MD) we were itching to compare meals with her Japanese counterparts. The ramen we ordered was more creamy than any we’d had in the States. The takoyaki in Japan was very similar to what we’d had all along, excepting a slightly more chewy texture. Of course, I’m comparing airport food here… have you ever had truly great airport food???

Maybe it was early for the beer. Maybe not.

This is my first flight on ANA (All Nippon Airways), one of the Japanese airlines. So far service has been impeccable! I’ve noticed that the flight attendants seem to pick up on passengers needing something before the passenger has a chance to hit the call button. I know selection for Asian flight attendants is tough, but I didn’t realize you had to be a mind reader, too!

That’s it for now, Journal. Will write more when we land in Hanoi. Some highlights thus far:

  • Getting pulled-aside in JFK and Narita for collar stays.
  • Baby having a seizure mid-flight from Chicago – Tokyo… and actually having a doctor on board!
  • Discovering bidets in Narita.
  • Someone actually smoking in the WC on the flight from Tokyo to Hanoi. The stewardess was so smiley and kind in reminding folks that it’s pretty much universally against the law to smoke on an airplane. Jeez!

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